Wine Drinkers UK submits evidence to the Treasury ahead of 2020 Budget

Wine Drinkers UK has today submitted its representation to the Treasury ahead of the 2020 Budget on 11 March.

Wine Drinkers UK fully supports the Conservative manifesto commitment to protecting the incomes of hard-wording families by not raising taxation rates. Specifically, we believe a fairer tax deal for hard-working people who enjoy wine is long overdue – the last time the sector received a cut to duty was 36 years ago, and only then because of a Court Judgement.

Our submission outlines our case for cutting wine duty at Budget 2020, a move that will provide much-needed relief for businesses in the wine and hospitality sectors up and down the county and, crucially, benefit consumer pricing and help to ensure that wine drinkers continue to enjoy the range of wine available in the UK today. It will also show that cutting duty will ultimately deliver increased revenues to the public purse.

It also supports the Government’s commitment to carrying out a review of the UK’s alcohol duty system. Wine has been consistently penalised by successive government decisions on duty – with sparkling wine now being subject to the highest of all alcohol duty rates. Now is an opportune time to review duty rates and redress the balance.

You can read the submission in full here: Wine Drinkers UK 2020 Budget Submission