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    Dear [mp-name],

    I'm writing to you to seek your support for ending the unfair tax treatment of wine.

    On a typical serving, wine is subject to the highest levels of duty of any alcoholic beverage in the UK. That's because, while beer and spirits have been given successive duty freezes by the UK Government, wine duty has continued to rise.

    Since 2010, duty on wine has increased by 39%. In comparison, beer, spirit and cider duty has increased by just 16%, 27% and 27% respectively. At Budget 2018, the Chancellor announced a further freeze on duty paid on beer, spirits, still cider, and lower strength sparkling cider – while duty on wine once again rose by RPI inflation.

    All of this means that, on average, 50p in every pound spent on wine that is drunk at home now goes to the taxman.

    It isn't just me who has been hit by these tax hikes: according to recent independent polling undertaken by YouGov, wine is the UK's favourite drink across all demographics, with 81% of adults who drink alcohol opting for wine – more than both beers and spirits. That equates to 33 million people.

    As my local MP, I'm asking you to write to the Chancellor to ask him to cut wine duty at the next Budget, putting an end to the unfair tax treatment of wine drinkers up and down the country.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Yours sincerely,

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